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Paw Paw's story

Paw Paw in his Navy uniform. He served in World War II.

Paw Paw in his Navy uniform. He served in World War II.

Born in the bayou 

In southern Louisiana where Paw Paw was born and raised, cherries were a rare and premium fruit. Every time the World War II Navy veteran got his hands on a sack of cherries, he'd treat them like the crimson gold they were, and use every essence of the fruit to ensure his cocktail cherries were "steeped in the finest cherry syrup and cane sugar imaginable."

Paw Paw's Louisiana-heritage cocktail cherries were delicious. And soon, family and neighbors would be replacing brown sugar cubes in their Old Fashioned cocktails with Paw Paw's cocktail cherry syrup, a tradition that sadly faded with his passing.

Beautiful, British Columbia

In 2015, Paw Paw's grandson resurrected Paw Paw's cocktail cherry recipe. The first few cases - like the original - disappeared quickly. Fueled by the growth of craft spirits and beer, Paw Paw's Cocktail Cherries was reborn in North Vancouver, British Columbia.

Paw Paw's Cocktail Cherries are 100 percent organic. They are carefully sourced from farms in British Columbia, hand-pitted with stems on, and prepared following Paw Paw's original Louisiana recipe. Enjoy! 

Steeped in caramelized cane and cherry juice


Paw Paw's cherries

    Organic sweetheart cherries from the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia

    Organic sweetheart cherries from the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia

Fresh, local, and organic

Paw Paw's Cocktail Cherries uses fresh, organic, and seasonal cherries from British Columbia, Canada. We choose our cocktail cherries based on taste, size, crunchiness, and sweetness to ensure each batch looks and tastes delicious.

Hand-pitted with stems on

Paw Paw's Cocktail Cherries hand-pits each cherry to prevent bruising and to ensure it keeps its stem on. We do not bleach, dye, or use any machine-processed "cherries" that sadly many people associate as a cocktail cherry.  

Steeped in caramelized cane and cherry juice

We slowly reduce our cherry juice with cane molasses, roasted almond extract, and citrus press to produce a caramelized cane and cherry syrup. Cherry juice has a natural sweetness and cherry flavor to it, which allows us to use less sugar for the syrup. Together with the caramelized cane, our cherries give your cocktail or dessert a smoky rich flavor.

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"The perfect gift"

— The Times Picayune


"A fine drink deserves a fine cherry"


Paw Paw's cocktails

"A fine drink deserves a fine cherry," boasted Paw Paw before ceremoniously dropping one of his own into his daily Old Fashioned. Here are three cocktails he'd recommend. Enjoy!

Old Fashioned

Old Fashioned

You’re about to enjoy a cocktail that anchored the day for Paw Paw. He’d have a large one at 4:30 p.m. every day, relishing the rosy hue his cherry syrup gave the bourbon-based drink. Enjoy his Old Fashioned, experimenting with different bitters. Just remember "a fine cocktail deserves a fine cherry."

  1. Prepare heavy lowball glass.
  2. Add a thick, fresh slice of Valencia orange (navel, if in pinch).
  3. Pour in a large teaspoon of Paw Paw’s Cocktail Cherry syrup (this replaces the sugar).
  4. Add five generous shakes of Angostura bitters.
  5. Muddle, extracting juice and oil from orange slice.
  6. Fill glass to brim with crushed or chipped ice. Pack tightly.
  7. Add a slow four-second count pour of straight Kentucky bourbon.
  8. Stir drink until orange wedge surfaces.
  9. Add one or two Paw Paw’s Cocktail Cherries.
  10. Wrap glass with a folded paper towel, and serve.


The gin ying to the Boulevardier yang, this Italian staple has sophisticated citrus notes that if not already in your cocktail lineup, will be after one sip. Get the ice and orange cut right for this drink. Paw Paw used Campari but we like to substitute it with Amaro.

  1. Prepare heavy lowball glass.
  2. Fill glass to brim with crushed or chipped ice. Pack tightly.
  3. Add one or two shakes of Angostura bitters.
  4. Add a quick two-second count of Amaro, or Campari.
  5. Add a three-second count pour of sweet vermouth
  6. Add a four-second count pour of dry gin (many amazing craft ones to try).
  7. Slice large cut of Valencia orange, aiming to get 75% peel and 25% fruit. Pinch so that citrus oils spray right into the cocktail, then drop inside. You should smell the zest.
  8. Stir drink.
  9. Add one or two Paw Paw’s Cocktail Cherries. They should drip with syrup.
  10. Wrap glass with a folded paper towel, and serve.
The Manhattan


This cocktail is a rare one. It’s one of the few that rely on the cherry as part of its flavor. Don’t scrimp on the bourbon or the cherry for a Manhattan. After cocktail and cherry absorb each other, eat the cherry.

  1. Prepare a fine-as-a-feather martini glass and cocktail shaker
  2. Add one or two Paw Paw’s Cocktail Cherries dripping with cherry syrup to the chilled glass.
  3. Fill shaker with dense and hard ice chunks. You don’t want this ice to melt.
  4. Add a slow four-count pour of bourbon whiskey.
  5. Add three generous shakes of Angostura OR Peychaud bitters
  6. Add a healthy two-second count pour of sweet vermouth
  7. Shake until frost appears on shaker. You should be able to carry a conversation while you shake.
  8. Remove lid and slowly pour into stemmed glass. The less foam the better. The color and texture of the liquid should look like it is going to kill you. Serve.

Where to find Paw Paw's

Paw Paw's Cocktail Cherries feature reflective gold turquoise labels in glass jars with gold lids. Perfect gifts.

Paw Paw's Cocktail Cherries feature reflective gold turquoise labels in glass jars with gold lids. Perfect gifts.


The Crafty Bartender, (Online nationwide) 

Welk's General Store, Vancouver

The Modern Bartender, Vancouver

Sip Cocktail Emporium, Vancouver

Meinhardt Fine Foods, Vancouver

Benton Brothers Fine Cheese, Vancouver

Mo's General Store, North Vancouver

The Gull Liquor Store, North Vancouver

The Arbutus Club, Vancouver (served)

Nester's Market Whistler, Whistler

Plethora Fine Foods, Sechelt

Charelli's, Victoria

BYOB Cocktail Emporium, Toronto

1/2 oz. Cocktail Emporium, Toronto


The Rum House, New Orleans (served)

The Red Dog Diner, New Orleans (served)

Lula's, New Orleans (served)

Stinky's Bklyn, Brooklyn


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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What's the jar size? 

9 oz. Weighing in at 310 grams

What's the shelf life?

If sealed, jars of Paw Paw's are confirmed fresh for over one year. Store in a cool, dark place if - for some miraculous reason - you don't open yours within the first 24 hours.

Why stems on?

We only use organic, late-season variety cherries. We want these delicious cherries to look and taste like, well, cherries. The pitting machines rip off the stems of processed cherries, which is why we hand pit ours - leaving the stem on. With the stems on, you don't have to stab the cherry with a toothpick or plastic spear. 

Do you give discounts?

Yes, depending on the order size. We give discounts up to 25% off our wholesale price. Contact us for pricing and order questions, please. Thank you!

Do you ship for free?

Wouldn't that be nice! We can't ship for free, but we can be creative with our shipping options. Get in touch with us for an order, and we'll look at how to get you affordably supplied.

Where can I buy Paw Paw's?

We have a list of all our awesome partners above. If you'd like Paw Paw's Cocktail Cherries, please ask your local cocktail emporium, liquor store, or specialty grocer to carry them. We won't forget to repay you for the favor, should they place an order!

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